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                      home remodel fitting audio video into decorChoosing a professional electrician with remodeling experience is important. A thorough understanding of options for bringing your home up-to-date with the latest technology can make your home more appealing, brighter, and energy efficient.

                      Some ideas to include in your remodeling plan:

                      • Dimmers
                      • Art and Accent Lighting
                      • Lighting Control Systems
                      • Under Cabinet Lighting
                      • Timers and Photocells
                      • Automated Window Shades
                      • Add or Replace Ceiling Fans
                      • Re-position Outlets and Switches to Convenient Locations
                      • Panel Upgrades
                      • Circuit Additions for Additional Appliances
                      • Custom Fixture Installation

                      Contact us for a free consultation on how to make your home more convenient and livable.