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                      Lighting Controls

                      high ceiling lighting chandelierOur professional staff can install state-of-the-art lighting control systems that allow access to all the fixtures in your home. Control is at your fingertips through remote control, programmable control panels, or even a smartphone.

                      We can program lighting control scenes that fit your individual needs and preferences:

                      • Don’t like coming home to a dark house at night??Set the system to light up the desired rooms with the touch of a button before you walk in the door.
                      • Ready for bed but to tired to shut off all the lights??Press a “Good Night” button and turn off lights and turn on dimmed pathways in hallways before you go to sleep.
                      • Tired of fumbling for the lights in the morning??Press your “Good Morning” button, get your coffee, and get started for the day.
                      • Having a party??Press your “Party Scene” button to illuminate your art and light the way in hallways and bathrooms.

                      Contact us for a lighting control consultation and see how your home can be more convenient for you.

                      Lutron Lighting Controls - Radio Ra - Homeworks QS