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                      • Beautiful Lighting
                      • Control at Your Fingertips
                      • Attention to Detail Gold
                      • Home Theater
                      • Quality Craftsmanship

                      Residential · Custom Homes · Service

                      Home Automation, Audio·Video, Lighting Controls, Security Systems

                      Home Automation Systems

                      Home automation systems allow remote operation of your home’s electrical devices both inside and outside, while home and away. We install the latest in technology: Control 4 and Lutron lighting control systems.




                      home-automation-logosWe are proud to be listed as an authorized Gold ?Control 4 Dealer. This intuitive software provides control from your desktop, iPad, or smartphone of all your electrical equipment — access your audio/video, lighting, security systems, and even your front door. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind provided by monitoring and controlling your home even if you are at work or on vacation.


                      Audio Video

                      We have the expertise to install your audio video equipment that fits both your decor and budget and is easily controlled with the touch of a button.


                      Security Systems

                      Keep your home safe and secure while you’re away. We can set up web cameras and remote monitoring ?for your iPad or smartphone.


                      Lighting Controls

                      Easy to use software allows remote access and the ability to program lighting control scenes that fit your individual lifestyle and needs.

                      Independent Electric Company Doors, Shades, Comfort Control

                      Door Locks, Shades, & Comfort Control

                      Door locks, shades, air conditioning and heating systems can all be configured and operated through our systems.

                      Services & Repair


                      Ensuring your home is safe and meets code provides peace of mind and is crucial to maintain resale value.

                      We provide competent,?qualified and licensed electricians that understand safety and code requirements. Some of the most common issues we tackle are:

                      • Trouble-shooting and repairs
                      • Smoke detector replacement
                      • High ceiling light bulb replacement
                      • Fixture/fan installation and repair
                      • Surge Protection
                      • Panel upgrades