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                      Lighting Controls

                      high ceiling lighting chandelierOur professional staff can install state-of-the-art lighting control systems that allow access to all the fixtures in your home. Control is at your fingertips through remote control, programmable control panels, or even a smartphone.

                      We can program lighting control scenes that fit your individual needs and preferences:

                      • Don’t like coming home to a dark house at night??Set the system to light up the desired rooms with the touch of a button before you walk in the door.
                      • Ready for bed but to tired to shut off all the lights??Press a “Good Night” button and turn off lights and turn on dimmed pathways in hallways before you go to sleep.
                      • Tired of fumbling for the lights in the morning??Press your “Good Morning” button, get your coffee, and get started for the day.
                      • Having a party??Press your “Party Scene” button to illuminate your art and light the way in hallways and bathrooms.

                      Contact us for a lighting control consultation and see how your home can be more convenient for you.

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                      Door Locks, Shades, & Comfort Control

                      Independent Electric Company Doors, Shades, Comfort ControlOur control systems can also be configured to operate door locks, shades, and your comfort control systems. These systems can operate via remote control, control panel, or while you are away from your home. Now you can conveniently ensure your home is secured or opened to allow service people to enter your home while you are away.

                      Set up a free consultation to find out how to simplify your life.

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