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                      Audio Video

                      audio video controllers hidden in cabinetsIndependent Electric can assist you with fitting your audio video equipment within your budget and your decor. Whether we are installing an HDTV with surround sound, or a full blown system, we can fit the supporting equipment within cabinets or equipment closets to ensure clean design lines.

                      We have expertise in the following:

                      • Home Theaters
                      • Surround Sound Systems
                      • Routers and Networking Installations
                      • Lighting Controls

                      Schedule your complimentary audio video system consultation today.

                      Home Automation - Lutron - Control 4

                      Security Systems

                      security-cameraKeep your home safe and secure while you’re away. We can set up web cameras and remote monitoring ?for your iPad or smartphone.

                      automated security systems - Control 4 - Elk